Sunshine in November


Good morning dear readers! Look outside, it’s such a sunny day here in Belgium! And to celebrate the sunshine I decided to wear a colourful outfit. Yesterday was also a day full of sunshine so I already had my inspiration. I wore a basic white dress with a pink coat. I also added a pink/peach scarf because even though the sun is here, it can still be a bit cold without. Because this outfit looked very sweet (in my opinion), I chose to spice it up with some studded cut out boots that make my outfit a bit tougher. The little bag I’m wearing is something I received from my grandma. When I was little I used to play dress up with it, but now I actually love that little bag! I hope you like the combinations I made 😉

Enjoy your day!







dress ZARA / studded cut out boots JONAK Paris / baby pink earrings PRESENT FROM MOM / pink coat ZARA / scarf CALECHE (St. Truiden) / little gold purse PIECE FROM GRANDMA / black bracelet MANGO

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-21 om 20.29.25


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