How to wear loose knits (featuring LOOKBOOK STORE)


You may be thinking loose knits don’t look good on everyone or that they would look too baggy. If you are, then you’re terribly mistaken. Loose knits are namely one of my favorite clothing pieces! But how to make it look nice? It’s all about the right combinations! The best part about loose knits is that, aside from the fact that it’s going to keep you warm and cozy all winter, it goes fairly well with almost anything … if you do it the right way! I’ll show you 😉

As snow is quickly building up everywhere, it is time to take out to forage through your winter wardrobe once again, and try and figure out what clothes you should pair your favorite boots with. But if you are struggling to find that perfect outfit for this winter season then don’t worry as I’m here to give you some inspiration. My advice is to try some things out and enjoy it! After all, it is the time to be merry, right?

  1. Keep it simple


For me, the most obvious way to pear loose knits is with skinny jeans as you can see in the picture. It’s simple but it looks very nice in my opinion! Actually you have to pair loose knits with skinny pants because otherwise it will look like a big Christmas ball, and that’s not what we want, is it? 😉 I have to admit I really like these black bow skinny leggings to pair it with! So if you want the loose knits to look nice, you have to keep it simple. But why not wear some nice accessories with it? As for example this pretty matching ring. This one is perfect if you want to give this outfit an extra touch! Just be adventurous and try out some accessory combinations.

You can shop this knit wing pattern sweater here!

2. Try it the girly way


So we learned that if you want to wear pants you have to go for skinny ones. But of course it’s also very nice to match loose knits with skirts! Especially with this elegant knit! Just look at this picture, isn’t that cute? It’s a bit more girly but also looks super lovely I think! But it’s important to match it with straight skirts, the fabric should not be too loose or otherwise it’s the same as with the pants, you’ll look like a Christmas ball if you combine too much loose clothing! This skirt for example would be perfect to match it with! Another important point is to put the loose knit in the skirt. I think that looks way more elegant than if you just put it over the skirt! Match with a cute little bag as this one and you’re ready to go!

You can shop this white lace mohair knit here.

3. Make it look playful


Another way to match loose knits is with shorts. This way of combining is not so obvious, but I think it looks very nice as well. In my opinion it’s a bit more playful than the common ways of combining loose knits. But here the same applies as for the skirt; it definitely looks better if you put the loose knit in the shorts! Combine it for example with this nice grey chunky sweater!

You can shop these black faux leather shorts here.

4. Wear it as a dress


You can also choose for a loose knit dress. It’s something I love to wear during the winter, because it looks elegant but it feels oh so comfy! And if you want to make this outfit even better you can wear some special panties or leggings with it! For example these lovely floral tights!

You can shop the dress knit in the picture here.

Find more loose knits here and have fun combining!

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-21 om 20.29.25


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