Satin soft legs with a touch of apricot oil

IMG_6328So it’s winter and then we girls don’t always shave our legs since it’s not really necessary. Well, with Christmas around the corner we’ll be wearing party dresses… and that means our legs better be soft if we want to rock those outfits!

I always go for Gillette products, because they’re known worldwide for their pleasant products that make shaving actually enjoyable! I’ve been using their products like forever. Personally I have a very sensitive skin, especially when it comes to shaving, so normally I just choose a product for sensitive skin without looking at other things. But this time I tried a shaving gel I hadn’t used before: the Gillette Venus Women Satin Care Radiant Apricot – breathe. What a long name! Let’s see what this product is about. This gel has advanced lubricants for a perfect protection without little wounds or cuts (ouch, I already feel the pain if I only think about it!). Because of this new method your legs will feel smoother than you can imagine! And as if that isn’t enough yet, they also added a touch of apricot oil that makes your legs even softer and radiant! The gel foams richly so you don’t need much of it (I noticed while testing it for the first time that I actually used more than was necessary, woops!). It also has a very nice, slightly floral scent of peach and nectarine leaves. Hmmm I totally love it! All I can say is that I will definitely buy this product again and that I also recommend you guys to try this out! I promise you’ll be happy with the result, just like I am. 🙂

I’ll show you my shaving experience in pictures!





*the bath part*


I used this gel and this razor that is also for sensitive skin. If you want to check out other products for shaving you can click here.

Have fun shaving girls! 😉

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-21 om 20.29.25


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