Let’s take some drugs and sparkle

10377379_603947843085425_8072974819738979996_nOkay okay I hear you thinking “there she is again with her glitter”. I must indeed admit that I am already an addict. BUT what I will show you now is something special, not just common glitter on shoes, clutches or clothing pieces. I am really so excited about telling you this! Okay -breathe- here we go. The Belgian brand Confetti Lab has developed a glitter pil that is 100% edible. How cool is that? This is like a dream come true to me!
You can order the pills online via their Facebook page. This means that from now on we can all sh*t glitter! Or if you have too much cosmopolitans on New Year’s Eve, your stomach contents will also sparkle more than ever!


Never lose your sparkle lovies!

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-21 om 20.29.25


13 thoughts on “Let’s take some drugs and sparkle

  1. hahah dat is echt te zot voor woorden, iets zegt me dat ik het resultaat niet wil zien haha. Glitter krijgt hier opeens een hele andere dimensie.

    groetjes xx


    • Haha it’s just for fun actually! You don’t get a real effect but it’s just cool that it contains glitter and that you can actually glitter on the inside! Also think about the toys they used to make that poop glitter 😉


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