How to beat that study dip


So I’m having exams at Uni and I’m experiencing a little study dip since yesterday’s exam didn’t go completely as I wanted it to… But let’s hope for the best! I’m now right in the middle of my exam period so I still have some studying to do. But how to stay motivated and energetic? If you’re also in this situation you’ve come to the right place, as I will tell you some of my tips on how to beat your little study dip!

1) Drink water, and drink plenty of it

Fatigue is often caused by dehydration, so it’s important to drink enough water. When I study, I always keep a big bottle of water next to me, and I make sure my glass is always full. When I have a moment of distraction, I just take a sip and try to focus again. For me, it really helps! And since water contains 0 calories, it’s a win-win situation!

Drink all the water!

2) I like to move it!

That’s right; try to be active once in a while. Going for a run would be a good idea, but during exam period you don’t always have time for that. Why not dance your stress away? Put in those earphones, put on your favorite song and shake it off!


3) Think about the fun things

Exams are not the end of the world, and besides, when they’re over life will be so much fun again! Try to think about the exciting things you’ve planned afterwards. For example after my exams I will go on a trip to London with my friends from University. But even if you haven’t planned anything yet you can dream about shopping, going out with friends or watching series all day with hot chocolate. So always keep in mind that better days are coming!


4) Set goals and reward yourself

Set specific goals that are also achievable. Each time you complete your goal you can reward yourself. You can for example go outside for a while, eat something, do your nails, put on a face mask, read a blog post, … And don’t forget to study again after your reward! 😉


5) Meditate

It may sound weird if you’ve never done it before, but meditation really helps! I tried out yoga sessions last semester and all I can say is that it really helps to distress, to make your head empty and to re-energize. Also the way of breathing during yoga will make you feel very calm and relaxed. You should definitely try this out if you’re experiencing a lot of stress and tension.


I hope my tips were helpful and I’m also very curious to hear your tips on beating fatigue, stress or lack of motivation!

And I want to wish everyone who still has exams good luck!

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-21 om 20.29.25

Ps. curious how I’ve been studying? Then you can check out this awkward video… (if you listen carefully at 0:44 you can even here someone say my blog name… haha)


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