Satin soft legs with a touch of apricot oil

IMG_6328So itโ€™s winter and then we girls donโ€™t always shave our legs since itโ€™s not really necessary. Well, with Christmas around the corner weโ€™ll be wearing party dressesโ€ฆ and that means our legs better be soft if we want to rock thoseย outfits!

I always go for Gillette products, because theyโ€™re known worldwide for their pleasant products that make shaving actually enjoyable! Iโ€™ve been using their products like forever. Personally I have a very sensitive skin, especially when it comes to shaving, so normally I just choose a product for sensitive skin without looking at other things. But this time I tried a shaving gel I hadnโ€™t used before: the Gillette Venus Women Satin Care Radiant Apricot โ€“ breathe. What a long name! Letโ€™s see what this product is about. Continue reading

Christmas spirit with LUSH


Hi lovely readers, let’s talk about… Christmas! Maybe you noticed before (e.g. on my Instagram account) Iโ€™m already so excited about Christmas! I mean, do we really have to wait longer than a month?! I absolutely LOVE the atmosphere of the Christmas season; it gives me that warm feeling inside when I think about it. I really canโ€™t wait until the Christmas market is all set here in Brussels!

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