Study days

IMG_6597Gooooood morning! As you probably know I’m still in my favorite time of the year: finals. So in today’s post I want to show you my ultimate study outfit! It’s a comfy look that’s also very cosy and perfect to keep me warm during this cold winter. For me this is the perfect student outfit: cosy, but still stylish enough to go outside with it. Yesterday I went to &Other Stories here in Brussels to have a little study break, and well I can tell you that it was a very nice break! I bought very special and elegant shoes that I’ll show you soon… 🙂 I don’t have much time since I have still 2 exams to go, so that’s it for now. Enjoy the pictures! Continue reading

Seaside love

IMG_6546xFor the New Year I headed to the seaside to celebrate with my love. Well, we actually made a little weekend out of it! And of course I wanted to do a big walk, including the beach! The sea air is just perfect to make your head empty, especially during these times where you have to study for the upcoming exams. Continue reading

Checks & beanie


Hi there lovely readers, a new outfit post is ready for you! December is here and the weather is almost freezing. I’m so glad that I can finally wear one of my favourite beanies again! Today classes started early and this shoot was one in between two of them. Busy day so I decided to match comfy with classy and wear my checkered shirt by Zara. (The checkered shirt of the collab between Filles à Papa and Lee is unfortunately still on my wish list!). I matched it with khaki pants because I think these colours go very well together! And I wore a black leather jacket & boots with it. Continue reading


IMG_6090Hi there, beautiful readers! I wanted to post this earlier, but it has been a very busy week for me! Papers, deadlines, … but also some fun things. Yesterday, for example, we celebrated Saint-Verhaegen in the center of Brussels. If you don’t know this event, it’s a procession for students to celebrate P.-T. Verhaegen, the founder of the ULB and the VUB, the university where I study.

But luckily it’s Friday so let’s talk about what you came for! I can finally show you my WANG outfit from the collab between Alexander Wang and H&M. Continue reading

Sunshine in November


Good morning dear readers! Look outside, it’s such a sunny day here in Belgium! And to celebrate the sunshine I decided to wear a colourful outfit. Yesterday was also a day full of sunshine so I already had my inspiration. I wore a basic white dress with a pink coat. I also added a pink/peach scarf because even though the sun is here, it can still be a bit cold without. Because this outfit looked very sweet (in my opinion), I chose to spice it up with some studded cut out boots Continue reading

Simple autumn outfit


Yesterday evening we had this little family dinner. Here are some pictures of the outfit I wore to go there. I chose a rather simple and cosy outfit, with grey and black as main colors. But I decided to spice it up a bit with a small turquoise belt and light blue nail polish. I also matched it with some natural colored accessories. Oh and by the way, this cardigan by Scotch and Soda is my new favorite piece for this season. It looks stylish and elegant but it feels very comfy and warm (since it’s already so cold outside!).

Continue reading